My Trip to HAL Museum, Bangalore

My trip to HAL museum was awesome. At about 9:15 am we started from school. When we reached the museum we first went into hall -1 where we saw the history of the museum. The hall was divided into many rooms and a small garden in the center.

Few rooms held the history about HAL museum, and one room separates for the “Hall of Fame”. In the rooms which held the history of the museum there were photos of the flights which they made. There were photos of people who made the flights and of people who saw the flights, like the King of Afghanistan.

Inside these rooms there were also models of flights which were kept inside glass boxes. Of all these models Lakshya, the piolit less flight fascinated me the most. It was used to drop missiles. In the hall of fame there were all the achievements of HAL.

After this we watched the video called “Wings of Pride”. The video was about the details of the flights they have made. Then we went to a shed where there were flights. The thing exciting about them was that they were real! They were used before, though.

Some of them were, “Marut” which was used in an India, Pakistan war, MIG-1, LCA, Lakshya, Ajeet which was used in 1962 was huge, Pushpak and Basant. Ther even was a fish pond complete with gold fish, tank cleaners and more. There even was a garden with button roses, sunflowers, China roses, and roses.

Hansa,HT-2 and Kiran were some other flights which we saw. There even was a real parachute. We then started on our way back to school. This field trip is a memory to treasure. It was nice spending time with classmates and learning more about flights. And besides that, it was nice to see big sunflowers and beautiful types of roses and Ixoras everywhere!

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