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Here we are talking about one of the famous and well-known author J.K Rowling. In this success story, we are going to share J.K. Rowling life.

A British novelist best known as the author of the Harry Potter book series. there is no doubt that harry potter has become the best selling book in all time -selling series in history.
The books were translated into more than 70 different languages and more than 450 million copies were sold. it was one of the biggest hit of Rowling.
Joanne Kathleen Rowling famously known as J.K ROWLING was born on July 31, 1965, Yate, near Bristol, England.

Rowling always knew she wanted to be an author, once asked in her interview she said i constantly used to write or i ‘ll’ be telling stories to my younger sister,Dianne.
her first ever written story was about a rabbit called RABBIT. And that time she was 6years old. she further continued by saying that : my sister dianne was just born 2 yrs later and she was the person who listened to all my story -telling . further she confessed that she ‘always wanted to be a writer,though rarely told this to anyone’.
Her father, Peter James Rowling, was an engineer at a legendary British company Rolls-Royce and her mother, Anne Rowling was a science technician. rowling and her family moved twice from yate to winterbourne, when she was young. once in an interview she reaveled how kids ,with whom she used to play teases her with her name. she used to play with kids around with her sister . and she remeberd that how others used to tease her with hwr surname rowlling ,pronounced like rolling – like rolling pins.

J.K Had difficult years when she was young

In her interview J.k described that how her teenage life was filled with problems and difficulty. she was 15 , when her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. it was a very difficult situation for her as well for the family.
Her mother died a decade later, before Rowling could turn into an author. Rowling graduated from Exeter university , in 1986. and later after graduation she started working at the research desk for amnesty international , doing the translation work. what she likes working in offices was being able to type up the stories when no body was looking. she was building her storyline in her office hiding from her colleagues.

Beginning of Harry Potter !

the story line of harry potter she got on a delayed train from manchester to london where rowling came up with the idea ie, she saw the whole story of the book and the wizard school apparently. The idea was about a young boy who did not know he was a wizard until he was invited to the wizard school, It is about how a young boy experices the whole diffierent world of wizard and magic…

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But how did Rowling made it to one of the most successful author of all time? How did she make it ?

she started writing a book which was about a boy who found out he was a wizard and soon he was sent into a wizard school, and he faces a whole new life.

Rowling Personal Life !!

from struggling single mom to the world most popular and successfull author in history. No doubt that she has a classic story from rags to riches.her real life inccident inspire millions of women. At 26 she moved to portugal to teach english. There she got married to a portuguese tv journalist named JORGE ARANTES and they had a child name jessica.
Both has to call a quit for there marriage very soon by nov 1993.the couple had a very short time together and they got separated. J.k lived in a small flat while she regularly goes to cafe to write her story. without any job , and with responsiblity of a kid was very difficult.

not everybody has a fairy tale ending:: we accept a lot more from our life , but when reality hit us we broke into pieces. when you are rich , success, famous people don’t tend to see your past and they believe that what a wonderful life he/she has. they don’t see the hurdle which destiny has had for them. they don’t see the failures which has broken them deep inside. success is not something which comes by luck,you need to give everything in order to have one. same thing hapend with Rowling. her road to success was not easy.
she never would have accepted this tragedy in her life,which ultimately made her strong. Rowling first husband ,was a drug addict. there relationship which ended drastically in violence.
Arantes life was falling apart,he lost his job of journalist and soon or later he involve himself in nightmare of drug addiction. he was so edicted that to full fill his need for the drugs he started to stole family jewelery just to feed his habit .Rowling was never open about her marraige live,but ones in times of London she told that “i got married on october 16,1992 and i left on 1993 nov was a very short period.

Publication of the First Book

Successful Publication of the First Book In June 1997, Bloomsbury published Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with an initial print-run of 1,000 copies. 500 copies of the book were distributed to libraries.

“harry potter cast “
j.k Rowling with the cast of harry potter !

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