Augmented Reality

Augmented reality on the other terms goes forward with respect to the idea and is quite usually confused with virtual reality. Well, the point is that virtual reality simply is a concept wherein the images and the video run on an ambiguous screen, meaning there would be no idea of the real-world happenings. In case of augmented reality, there is this enhancement of real world via some of the computer-generated images that are superimposed into the real world seen through lenses.

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Augment: meaning to add or to enhance. Augmented reality is the variation in the kind of reality that will make you question reality itself! It basically is programmed to superimpose a virtual 3D image in the reality that you see. Did you get it?

                Mixed reality and computer mediated reality are some of the most synonymous terms used for the same. Most of today’s applications that use this feature are Snapchat, Google-Lens, Google-Translate. Snapchat is an app that implements the AR feature to show an enhanced image of the face by artificially superimposing some additional make-up features and in some cases imposes animals on a previously existing background. Whereas in apps like Google-lens, which does mere scanning and identification of the image based on the visual recognition and compare with images online to find a perfect match. And then in apps like Google-Translate, the app scans the area which is pointed at, which then tries to recognise and relate what is printed on the screen with the languages over the internet and then translates it to which ever language is needed.

                These are some of the plenty examples that are extremely useful in the upcoming technology. Also, some of this technology can be useful in fields yet to be explored. They can be used or rather more totally can replace the need of human receptionists and can guide humans into shops, restaurants, hospitals, museums etc. These Augmented Reality could be programmed in such a way so as to receive and respond to instructions given by humans accordingly. These machine designed software could be pre-programmed to understand the questions thrown by the human and process similar questions and respond in accordance.

Types of Augmented Reality


These make use of markers such as QR codes that are easily readable by the apps and these thereby give information of the object.


This is a kind wherein as you might have seen in some movies, the main interface being smartphones or tablets that when you lift the camera to point out to some place would pop up the information of the location. 


It works by projecting artificial light onto some real world surfaces. It recognises the touch with respect to the total surface area and calculates the space of the touch using touch sensors and processes further information.

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