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Exploring Artificial Intelligence

Roots of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) was officially born at a workshop organized by John McCarthy in 1956 at the Dartmouth summer research project on artificial intelligence. The seeds of future AI was originated by classical philosophers who attempted to describe the process of human thinking as the mechanical manipulation of symbols.
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been studied for decades and is still one of the most elusive and vast subjects in computer science. AI is a wide ocean where you cant find its depth.
It has applications in nearly every way we use computers in society.. It plays a major role directly or in-directly, we depend on AI without even realizing it.

History of Artificial Intelligence

A generations of scientists, mathematicians and philosophers all had the concept of A.I but it wasn’t until Alan Turing, suggested that if humans use available information, as well as reason, to solve problems and make decisions– then why can’t machines do the same. Every body now accepts machines to do the same thing as we all humans do.
The tendency to understand the problem and to solve are all accepted by the machines to do for us….. it was totally a different concept in the history. Today with the help of new technologies we are able to achieve new things, or we are able to invent faster as compared to olden days back to 1956. The main problem in growth of A.I was the problem of computers , there were not much faster computers. We can blame the technologies and as well the resources and even the funding was also the main reason .
As time passed and we got better with our resources technologies soon or later after some time around 1974 computers flourished. They were now faster, more affordable and now they are able to store more information.

Today’s Artificial Intelligence Research

In today’s date , AI research is constant and with time it continues to grow. People who generally are not from tech back-ground have actually no idea about Artificial intelligence and how knowingly or unknowingly it is directly making a huge impact in everyday of our life. We are privileged generation to live in this era full of gadgets , technologies advancements .
Gone are those days when almost everything was done manually . Technology has experienced a lot more changes with time.

If we see today, human works are taken by the machines. Now every-where we can see machines replacing humans, this has happened only because of advancement of technologies i e: advancement in A.I .
In this regard A.I has a special place in all the advancements made today, It plays a crucial role .

We humans generally wonder what is A.I ? in simple words artificial intelligence is nothing but the science of computers and machines developing intelligence like humans. As the A.I systems are used on a day to day basis in our lives, have also become advanced with the use of day to day increase and advance technology. We can say that it is a great help for humans….

I.T Sector where A.I has laid its foot-print very well

A.I Is a technology that is already impacting how users interact with AI. It has the potential to vastly change the way humans interact, not only with respect to each other but with the digital world too. Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing technology . AI has received increased attention in recent years. Innovation, made possible through the internet, has brought AI closer to our every lives. A.I systems are efficient enough to reduce human work in various areas. There is so much that artificial intelligence is being used for and so much more potential that it is hard to picture our future without help it.
Artificial intelligence will be becoming a commonplace in every aspect of life — like the future of self-driving cars, more accurate weather predictions, smart and advance phones or earlier health diagnosis’ , just to name a few.

There are many example out there.

In order to perform various activities in the industry, many of them are using a.I to create machines slaves then humans on a regular basis. Humans have to just order and machines will understand .

Why we prefer machines over A.I ???… It help to get the work done faster and get accurate result. Error free and efficient world are the main motives behind A.I.

Artificial Intelligence is cool , period. AI can be awarded as one of the biggest technological advancements in recent times.
Recent trends in the area of Machine Learning have paved the way for advancements in Artificial Intelligence , and with the advent of Context and Contextual Applications for various platforms, the field of Artificial Intelligence just keeps getting better and better.

Major areas where A.I plays a key role::

  • Widely used in banking and financial systems
  • An important feature of medical science/ healthcare
  • Air transport
  • A.I in e-commerce
  • A.I in customer support – artificial intelligence improves customer service- shorter response time , more reliability.
    There is a wide ocean of examples where A.I is used

Smarter Future

Fourth Industrial Revolution — a revolution that is completely different than the previous three . 4th generation has totally different and higher levels of technologies as compared with any of the existed generation , it is going to change the depth of technology . From steam and water power , autonomous machines , internet of things . And now challenging the ideas about what it means to be human . A machine can understand human brain , and will be capable of doing work in a faster way. Focus is totally on how technology will affect humans life , society and humanity’s ability to communicate and remain connected . It will change everything but in a positive way. Can say that a lot more is coming on our way . Artificial intelligence is a primary tool of possibilities , revolutions and promises as 4th industrial revolution unfolds.

It insure that in future A.I will bring the potential to improve the quality of life for the universe. Everything such as our workplaces and organisations will become smarter. Machines will be more efficient, they will help us connected.

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